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About Us

At Megna Entertainment Group, our extensive network of the best designers, engineers, technical specialists, fabricators and suppliers give us the ability to create immersive attractions world wide.


Our 40 years of experience fuels the capability to produce entire theme park attractions including, Concept, Schematic, Detail Documents, Samples, Sculpted Models, Facility Input Documents and much more.



Over one hundred years ago, a young boy named Loredo Megna started the family business—thrilling the residents of his small Italian village with a fireworks display, and passing his hat for small change. Thus began a passion for creating and entertaining that inspired three generations of sons, grandchildren and great grandchildren. 


This passion for thrilling audiences was handed down to Salvatore Megna, an inventor, trendsetter and pioneer who has passed on the torch to his son, Thomas Megna, a renaissance man of storytelling, design and technical wizardry.


Today, the Megna Entertainment Group spans the globe with innovative projects in Japan, Singapore, Spain, Malaysia, India, Dubai, Macau, and now China, realized by our network of exceptionally talented designers, engineers, technicians, artisans and managers, the expert teams we assemble for every project share the same goals: to magnify the magic of Loredo Megna on stages yet to be imagined, and thrill new audiences with the greatest entertainment experiences on Earth. 

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